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Why Short Term Rentals Are Better Than Long Term
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Are short term rentals allowed in Thailand? 

The simple answer is YES!
If you own/lease a private house on private land, short term rentals are allowed. So as the owner of a villa on Koh Lanta  – you’re allowed to do this


Why short term rentals are better than long term
Short term rentals involve more work, but you can charge 100% of the nightly price that you value your property at. Long term rentals are less work, but you’ll receive 30-40% less in income. So its all down to how much time you have

If you’re prepared to put in the time, short term rentals will bring you more profit at year end

Short Term Rental
More income – 100% of the nightly value
More reviews – increasing visibility

More profit – extra income outweighs extra costs
More work needed to manage turnarounds & services

Long Term Rental
Less work – only 1 or 2 bookings needed to fill your high season
Less income received – 30% to 40% discount needed to secure long stay client
Less profit – low income while essential house services still need to be paid


Who cannot do short term rentals?

The restriction on short term rentals concerns Residential Condominiums – these are the huge apartment blocks you see in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya etc.
They are residential areas and so only monthly or longer stays are allowed

For more explanation on that, see 6 Thai Law Essentials for renting your Koh Lanta Property