Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Sabai Management?

We have over 10 years of experience in property maintenance, rental guest management and booking services. Our team is Thai and western with all members speaking fluent Thai and English. Click here for more details on the Sabai Management team

How will you maintain my property?

We don’t wait for something to go wrong and then fix it (in our experience: if something has already broken, the damage is bigger and the cost more). Our team regularly survey your property for signs of weakness, potential damage or leakage and then remedy the situation to prevent the problem from happening. Other small maintenance is spotted and fixed before guest arrival, to avoid the embarrassment of having a guest point out things that are not perfect. Weekly checks are made inside and outside your property, plus reporting of potential problems and advice on cosmetic improvements. Click here for full details on our Property Maintenance program

What services do you offer for rental guest arrivals?

Our service is not just “here are the keys, leave them on the table when you check out”! We provide full communication with your guests prior to arrival, plus a thorough briefing on the property and the local area when they arrive. During occupancy, our team is available 24 hours a day for communication with guests via phone, SMS, Line, WhatsApp, Skype and more, and we even call round to check on the guest during their stay. For a full list of service we provide for your rental guests, click here

Can you help me manage the online bookings for my property?

Yes. We offer a complete service for managing your property availability, client inquiries, bookings, payments and airport transfers. If you already have a network of agents and websites set up, we take over and run the system for you. If your property is new to the rental market, we set up a complete network of agents for you, and then manage all communication with the client from initial inquiry to final booking. Fully transparent accounting allows you to sit back and enjoy the revenue from your investment property. For more details on this service, click here

If I use Sabai Management services, how can I communicate with you?

We are available 7 days per week for communication by phone, SMS, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook and email

Which properties does Sabai Management currently manage?

For full details on the properties we currently take care of, visit our Management Portfolio page

How can I find out more infomation and pricing?

For full information on our services and pricing, contact us